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Her longing eyes, blonde hair and charming smile are just as beautiful as what she is thinking about doing in front of her many fans – show off her gorgeous, naked body and masturbate while doing it too! Her name is Markiza and she will definitely rock your world when you fully appreciate her naked body and all the naughty thoughts running through her head.

Without a boyfriend ready, you know the fun will be completely uninhibited with her fans watching her every move and strut. She also loves being an exhibitionist so you won’t have to wait long to see exactly what you’re looking for!

Her pretty shirt only hides truly radiant beauty behind it. The shirt quickly comes off, showing her cute, natural breasts with a sweet little bra tan line. The panties come off slowly and you end up getting that cute, pink pussy just staring at you with all that lovely perkiness and sweetness. She moves to her side, front and back while she cups her tits, and lets people see her cute little pussy from the backside. She even enjoys a little playtime with her fingers between her legs before lying down with a smile on her face.

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When you think of good girl gone bad, does the fresh 18 year old Milana Fox come to mind? If not, she should! This naughty school girl is fresh on the scene, and hell bent on fucking her way out of daddy’s house, and straight into your heart!

russian redhead teen

Monika is such a sweet, hot little girl. She always has this look like she’s utterly bored with her situation, but then you miss the little mischievous looks, or the way she’s so good at teasing the camera. She just adores starting out conservative, and then slowly showing off her every spectacular curve, and ever inch of her silky, pale skin. In this case, the pink of the bed matches her perfectly, not just her hot red hair, but the sweet pink between her thighs, though she does take quite a while before she shows us everything.

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sweet russian teen

For some girls, you want to set up intricate shoots, because they want to put on a special kind of show, or you have the perfect setting that accents their personality, or their body. Those shoots can end up amazing, especially when you get everything right. There are other girls though, the ones where simple is better, where you don’t want to do anything but accent their natural image and beauty. It’s much too easy to screw up a shoot by adding that one more thing that you think fits in the image, and just…doesn’t. It takes someone very special in front of the lens to make simplicity work, and when you find them, you just have to make sure you don’t miss your opportunity.

Whitney deserves the best, and the simple things. She just seems to fit in front of a single backdrop, without any accessories, or anything that tries to cover her natural beauty. Her soft white skin, and the perfect form to the curve of her breasts, and her hip mean that it’s all we could do to resist the urge to put her into all sorts of costume, corsets, and other accessories. It was the better decision when we let her natural beauty and attitude shine through. She has such a teasing nature, and such confidence in her ability that she still manages to tease you with what you think you missed, even while she’s completely nude. Once the shoot started, it was obvious we made the right choice, because she needed not a single thing.

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talia and her guns

Who says the boys are the only ones who get to run around and play with guns in the woods? Some of the most fun girls we know will run a guy into the ground as they roam through the forest, and they certainly are not afraid to get a little dirty in the process. Sure, it’s hot to see a girl covered in mud as she wanders through the forest with all her gear on, but it’s even more hot when that girl goes through and decides she wants to play soldier in the sexiest way possible.

Talia certainly is out of uniform in this photo set, but are you going to complain? With that hot little beret, and nothing else but a selection of guns and knives, I bet the enemy would walk up to get shot willingly by this hot little Russian girl. Admittedly, her method of ‘cleaning’ her firearm might be a bit unconventional, but when you’ve got such a sexy, trim girl in front of you, who are you to complain? This girl seriously gets turned on by the heavy hardware, so when she started playing, all we really had to do was sit back, and watch her have her fun.

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brunette Fox A

We love it when we find some of our models in the most unexpected places. Some of the girl-next-door types look the most amazing in front of the lens, they just don’t know it right away, so they stay tucked away out of sight for the longest time. When we do get one of these hidden beauties modeling for us, it is as if we unlock something in them. They transform into the spectacular models, and they take over the shoot in the sexiest ways. The best models, and the best photographers don’t spend a lot of time with posing, and primping, and trying to get the model acting in a way she doesn’t want, they just let her go, and get the best pictures as a result.

Introducing a new model is always a ton of fun, because we get to see what they are like as they realize they can tease and tempt thousands, if not millions of potential fans out there. The fantastic Fox A. didn’t think that would affect anything, but you could see her change as we started taking the pictures. She wanted to start simple, but even in some nice, casual wear we could see what was beneath it. Soon she was comfortable enough to show us, when we got to a nice private pool where she could start teasing us by showing us more of her lovely smooth skin. She has a spectacular figure, and we love it when girls go natural, or at the very least, leave a nicely groomed patch of hair on their sexy mounds. It makes it so much nicer when they decide to give us teasing glimpses, and when she played around in the water, her skin, and her hair glistened in the best ways.

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young teen

Sometimes the best shoots come when you least expect them. You can be heading out to meet a girl, and just get inspired by a location, or a single scene, or just the way the sunlight hits you, and you just know where you can bring out a girl’s beauty. When you put the right girl with those unexpected moments of perfection, you end up with some spectacular scenes without any effort at all. The girl may make a mediocre location fantastic, but when you have a spectacular girl and a great location, you can make magic.

We were driving to a location with Talia when that magic happened. We found the most picturesque hill you can ever imagine, the sun was perfect, the scenery was perfect, and Talia was eager to move things and get a set of photos. This sweetly sexual girl has no problems showing off her every curve, and every inch of her soft skin, especially when she has that perfect sun-warmed spot where she can relax and let herself go. She loves teasing, even when she fully exposes her perfect body and lets the sun caress her all over her sweet little body.

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russian gelena

Russia is home to some of the hottest teenagers in the world, and with the site named Pretty 4 Ever, you can see these outstanding Russian young models in their prime as the world can see their cute tits, ass and pussies in plain view without any problems or restraints. It’s really hard to even try to get Russian chicks to even talk to you unless you have the money to spend, so at least here, you can see the goods without having to drive a Ferrari just to say hello.

Here we see a cute brunette model casually walk up some stairs, her sweet ass in plain view. She spots the camera and begins to expose her cute tits to the world. She wants them to see it all, and before long, that sweet black outfit of her is coming off and you can take a good, long look at that sultry, sexy body without any worries of her wanting to cover it back up.

Then she takes it all off and you can really see the beauty coming forward from her looks. She gets on her side and lets you look at her tight little ass and everything!

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sonia posing

We do our best to get the sweetest, sexiest girls, and we always seem to find them in the most unusual places. Of course sometimes it takes a bit of coaxing, because they are shy, or they don’t think they have much to offer, which just makes them all the sweeter when they are finally comfortable enough to bare everything. Some of those girls surprise even us though, because once they finally lose those inhibitions they become dynamite in front of the camera, and get so eager to have their lovely naked body on camera.

We first thought Sonia might have to get undressed slowly, and we’d have to convince her to take off every layer, but she surprised us by being a cute, brazen little exhibitionist. She loved showing us her every curve, and every soft inch of skin, and believe me, you want to see her luscious curves. Sonia gets this impish little face when she knows that you can see her sexy body, and so she uses that to her advantage. Somehow, even when she has nothing left to hide, you think she’s teasing you by completely controlling what you get to see.

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russian teen simona

The holidays may be over, but that doesn’t mean we have to hold on to exquisite gifts that we have until next year. In fact it’s even better that we give you a tease and a bit of a preview, so that you know what you have to look forward to next year, right? Of course, when we have an amazing model, and someone so hot, sensual, and downright sexy, it also would be such a shame to hold back those picture sets, wouldn’t it? We only think of you, really, when we have someone who just seems to make the place in front of the camera their own personal sexy playground, and make it their business to give us the best ‘gifts’ of all.

Simona captured that spot in front of the camera as soon as she showed off her particular ‘presents’, her baby blue garter, her beads, and well…nothing else. That was her present for us, and boy, were we ready to take advantage of it. This sultry model with her trim body, perfect breasts and shaved pussy played in our snow like she was getting ready to make it all melt, as hot as she was. We’re lucky that it didn’t melt though, because her body looked even more sexy with little grains of the fake snow dappled here and there across her soft skin. She looked like she adored the feeling as she posed, rolled around, and generally rubbed every inch of her body across the textured grains. The way she moved, she obviously was having fun, and she also enjoyed teasing us with little hints of what other ‘presents’ she might be willing to offer us. We had a few ornaments here and there, but really, we didn’t need any, because Simona is just the absolutely perfect decoration for any circumstance.

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