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Summer is here, and that means all the girls come out of the woodwork, looking to feel that sun caressing over their body as they work on their tans, and just savor the warmth against their skin. It seems like these girls all become sun worshippers and exhibitionists when the sun comes out, because they just can’t seem to get enough sunbathing, especially when that means they can sunbathe out there completely nude.


Natasha always wants to great the sunny season with as much bare skin as possible, and with this girl, you never really prevent her from getting what she wants, you just go along for the ride and make sure you’re there to capture it. This time she had this little powder blue shirt that did absolutely nothing to hide her perky little nipples almost as soon as she got outside and felt the sun on her skin. She soon had to get as much of her bare skin out there as she could. She loves that breeze and that sun against her perfect little perky tits, and her shaved pussy. You can see how she warms up the more sun touches her skin, and after a certain point she isn’t content with just feeling the sun caressing her body.

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russian teen natasha

Every girl needs to get away from it all now and again. It doesn’t matter how luxurious the lifestyle, sometimes you need a change of scenery to relax, and let yourself go. For a lot of girls that gives them a change of perspective, but it also means that they can find themselves in new and interesting places to let themselves go. For the uninhibited, and for the exhibitionists, it also means that they might get ‘inspired’ in other ways.

When we see Natasha on vacation, we just know that she’s always looking to indulge her exhibitionist side. Nothing gets her hotter than going out and finding a new, secluded little place to indulge in her favorite naughty pastime. So when she finds a out of the way stream for a little boating, we know that she’s going to do a lot more then catch a fish. She let us know she was right when she pulled out her little pink friend and started rubbing her tiny, perfect tits through her shirt. It didn’t take long before she pulled off her wrap and her underwear as well so she could feel the warm breeze on her little pussy. She was so wet she barely needed to play with herself at all before she was ready to give her little toy a proper warming with her hot body.

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sweet russian teen Natasha

It takes a beautiful setting to play backdrop in order to have a chance at competing with some girls. Once your eyes set on them, what happens in the background doesn’t matter at all, they draw your eyes more then any scenery, or anything else going on. Those girls need the most striking places to show off, or you might as well just have them against a blank background.

Natasha has a fetish for showing herself off in public places, but once she starts revealing her amazing body, the fact that she’s outdoors doesn’t matter for most. She loves the thrill though, so she tries in vain to find something that will keep our eyes off her spectacular tits and lovely ass. It doesn’t help that being out in the sun triggers her exhibitionist streak, and before long she just has to touch herself. We just give up at that point and follow along, because whether with fingers or toys, she is going to look better than any backdrop.

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A day out on the court may be enough to work up a sweat for most girls, but for some teens it’s just a warm-up until they get to the main event. They don’t get worked up until they have the excuse to strip down and play with their hot young bodies, because that is the only way that they can truly get hot.

Sweet young teen Natasha sky had a good game playing badminton, but when she lost without even getting a good workout she decided that she needed another kind of workout. She loves the thrill of getting caught, and since almost anyone could have seen her she was ready to get naked and play with her little body. It’s another game for her when she strips down and flashes her little tits and tight pussy, a game that she almost always wins when she plays with herself and cums hard in public places.

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Why stick just within the borders of the states when you want to find sweet, young things that are eager for the chance to show off whenever they can. When you go overseas they aren’t just more eager, they are less inhibited. They know that sex is just sex, and that a little exhibitionism gets the blood burning when they can show off and let everyone see their hot young bodies. They get so eager that they practically jump at the opportunity to show off their tight, barely legal bodies as they get off.

When Natasha Shy had the chance to get some pics to make some Russian porn she practically jumped at the chance. This eager little nymph was so ready to play that when she spread her legs there was obvious evidence of how much she loved the idea. She didn’t even try to hide the wet spot on her panties, but just played the distraction by flashing her cute little tits underneath her favorite band shirt. She was giggling as she tried to be innocent and distracting, but she kept drawing attention to her soaked panties until she couldn’t stand it anymore and sent them flying. Then there was a truly unrestrained, wet and sexy teenager on our hands, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

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sweet young russian teens

sweet young russian teens

Sometimes a girl’s just gotta have another girl’s touch when they look for ways to get off. There’s something amazing about the softness of two girls playing with each other, especially when you get two girls that obviously get into it and want to make sure their partner gets off over and over again.

 Ivana and Natasha get together whenever they want a nice, sensual woman’s touch. They have been friends for a long time, and as soon as they discovered how good a girl’s lips or fingers felt against or inside them, couldn’t keep their hands off each other. They always come back to each other when they want that soft touch and amazing orgasm. Ivana loves running her lips all over Natasha’s body, but Natasha can barely keep her fingers from Ivana’s shaved pussy. In the end they both end up with fingers covered in pussy, because once they get going the orgasms just come one after the other until they both can barely move any longer.

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young russian teen natasha

young russian teen natasha

What’s more dangerous, a naughty little girl who is aching to get into trouble, or a naughty little girl that is bored and wants to show off their tight little body? I don’t know which is dangerous, but I know that the second little girl can be a lot more fun.

Russian teen Natasha has little going on at home, so she jumped at the opportunity to get out and show off her cute little body for the camera. She wanted to do anything to get her in trouble with her family, and what better way than show off to thousands across the globe? Luckily, she was not shy at all, and when she showed off her cute little tits, and her shaved pussy, we knew why. She is proud of her slender body, for good reason. This cute little barely-legal teen practically sizzles. Next time she told us she’d bring her boyfriend by with her, so she could see how much more trouble she can get into.

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russian teen natasha

Natasha Shy is a cute little Russian girl who knows that she loves sex. She loves it so much she adores showing off how much she loves being fucked as hard and as often as she can. She coaxes her favorite guys into getting pictures taken with her as she does everything she can to get off as often as she can.

This Russian Teenager has set up all sorts of fun spots for her sexual escapades, so that way she can fuck her favorite guys in as many different ways as possible. She even has converted her gym to a sexual playground where she gets her exercise by finding new and unusual places to have sex. This lucky guy got the chance to see her acrobatic side as she propped herself up in all sorts of unusual positions so he could finger her wet pussy before she sucked his cock and then used her equipment for her favorite purpose, fucking!

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One of the best ways to get away from the cold of winter is to put yourself in somewhere warm in your mind. That’s something that Russian girls have practiced for a very long time. Natasha wanted somewhere tropical, so she showed up in a funky little sundress and flower, and soon decided that she was ready to cool off. This teenage Russian cutie wanted to get that ‘real Brazilian’ experience, by dressing as if she was going to a nude beach, and that meant the clothing had to come off!

The more clothes that came off her body, the hotter our Russian Teen Natasha told us that she got. She flashed us her cute little pussy to show us how much getting ready for the beach turned her on, then told us at least once she wanted to have sex on the beach. When the rest of the sundress went to the floor and she flashed us her perky breasts and the all-over tan she worked on we believed that she would do anything to build on the scene in her head on the beach!

What’s the best way to make sure that your clothes aren’t going to get ruined by your workout? Take them off of course!
This barely legal Russian girl uses her bike to get everywhere, and when she is ready to get off, her bike is there and ready for her a again as well. Natasha here may not have been angling to bring her bike into the shoot, but when she brought it in, and her sexy pussy was all ready wet from the anticipation of the ride over on that hard bike seat we had no problems letting her play with her faithful companion. It didn’t take long for this 18 year old to strip out of all those sweaty clothes and let us take pictures of her nubile body. She was not shy at all, she confessed that her boyfriend loves it when she got off her bike and let him fuck her right when she walked in the door with him.

It seems this 18 year old Russian girl likes nothing more then a long bike ride, following by a cool down of intense fucking to bring her off a workout high!

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Russian Girls

Russian teen Natasha Shy is always a little kinky and strange. She is on the sink playing with her pussy. She might be getting ready to shave her pussy so that it is completely bald. She usually keeps it fairly trimmed.

Anyhow, it’s looks like she is just having fun playing with her pussy. She has her clitoris between her fingers and I bet that feels good for her! But what Natasha Shy enjoys the most and what really gets her off is being an exhibitionist and showing off for the camera.

She might be shy in some circumstances but when you bring out a video camera she really enjoys being the center of attention. She is more than happy to let the camera guy get up close and personal so he can get close up shots of her bald teen pussy. This is a very good thing considering that she has her very own website.

Natasha Shy is always experimenting and exploring her sexuality. Some days she messes around with her girlfriends other days she is sticking cooking utensils in her pussy. One day she even picked up some BDSM toys – handcuffs, and robes. She likes to be tied up. You can watch Natasha and all of her crazy sex adventures at her website.

Russian Girls

Natasha Shy may be shy when it comes to meeting new people or making new friends, but she is definitely NOT shy about showing off her teen pussy.

Natasha is a teen girl from Russia that started nude modeling when she turned 18. She was a little shy when she started so they gave her the nickname “Natasha Shy.”

The humorous thing is that Natasha turned out to be quite a sex freak. She claims to still be a virgin girl but she LOVES sex toys. She is always sticking something in her pussy. She must dream of cock, but she is waiting for just the right guy. Until the right time comes, she is happy just playing with her clit, sticking her fingers in her teen pussy, and getting off on toys.

What Natasha loves the most is being a show off. She loves the attention she gets from having her very own website. She likes the attention and she will do whatever it takes to get your attention!

In this gallery Natasha has a hairy teen pussy, but don’t be thinking that is the norm for her. This is the hairiest I have ever seen her pussy and it probably means that she will soon do a photo shoot in the bath where she saves her pussy! Pussy shaving videos are sexy as hell!

Natasha Shy is a kinky Russian Teen and you really should have a look at her videos and the pictures of her in her personal site. Visit Natasha now and download a few videos.

Russian Girls

It looks like Natasha Shy does not have any playmates today so she decides to explores her sexuality solo. She has an interest in ropes and being tied up, so she tries it by herself. I’m not sure if her experiment was successful (with bondage you usually need a partner) but she sure does look sexy.

Natasha Shy is a silly Russian teen. She is always doing weird things and goofing around. She is the kind of girl who keeps herself entertained.

One of the ways that Natasha Shy keeps herself occupied is by playing sex games with her self and her girlfriends. She is always sticking something in her shaved pussy. Hopefully, she will soon convince one of her girlfriends to tie her up.

There is just something hot about Natash Shy – it could be her skinny body or perky small boobs. I really love her tight little ass and quirky smile.

All in all Natasha Shy is a fun and kinky girl from Russia and her personal site is worth a visit.

Russian Girls

Natasha Shy is a Russian Teen that has sexy on the brain. She is such a kinky thing that she has her very own website.

I get the feeling that Natash is just a kinky sexy freak of a Russian girl. I don’t think she puts on an act or anything for her website – she would be doing things like sticking toys in her pussy all day long if she has a website or not.

She is experimental and adventurous and she gets turned on by knowing other people are watching her. I personally, don’t think these girls open their own websites because the need the money – I’m sure the extra cash is nice and helps things out. The like the attention more than the money.

Natasha Shy puts on a good show and I’m happy to give her my attention. She is one of my favorite Russian girls. And like a lot of the Russian teens she has small natural boobs and a thin body which is sexy as hell.

Drop by her site if you would like to follow her sexual adventures or watch her stick all manner of things in her pussy.