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When one of our Russian Teen models tells us that she just wants to be comfortable we tell her she can show up in whatever she wants, because we know that she won’t be wearing it long. This barely-legal cutie decided that she wanted to show off her little hoodie and sweat-pants that look like they are straight out of the seventies, but since she’s not, they looked hot on her cute little bod.
This 18-year-old thought she could tease us by wearing layers, but that just meant more time she showed off taking them all off. By the end of the shoot she was giggling and sending clothes flying. She really got into it, and by the end she really wanted to show off her cute little breasts and her shaved pussy. That was fine with us, because this Russian 18 year old is smoking hot, her body was a joy to look at, and she was all too willing to share it with us. She let us know that she likes giving stripteases to all the boys she plays with, and that she was happy to finally let her sexy barely-legal body show up where everybody can see her.

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When the temperature is high enough our Russian Teen models love stripping down to the bare minimums to make it to our shoot. This cute 18 year old blonde showed up ready to tease, and she even let us know that she flashed a few of the Russian boys on her way to the photo shoot. When she showed us her pretty shaved pick pussy we had to agree that those boys got lucky that they got to see her before we did. She winked and offered to flash us next, which made for some great shots!
She loved giving us peeks at her barely-legal body, and even as she was stripping off her top to show off her perky breasts she kept flipping up her skirt and giving us a view at the sweetness underneath. She went for the skirt last, because she was having so much fun giggling and showing off. Once she got rid of the skirt she was all together eager to play with her 18-year-old body. She hopped up on the counter and showed us how she likes to play with herself, and she let us know that she just loves it when she has someone there to feast at her little box!

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What’s the best way to make sure that your clothes aren’t going to get ruined by your workout? Take them off of course!
This barely legal Russian girl uses her bike to get everywhere, and when she is ready to get off, her bike is there and ready for her a again as well. Natasha here may not have been angling to bring her bike into the shoot, but when she brought it in, and her sexy pussy was all ready wet from the anticipation of the ride over on that hard bike seat we had no problems letting her play with her faithful companion. It didn’t take long for this 18 year old to strip out of all those sweaty clothes and let us take pictures of her nubile body. She was not shy at all, she confessed that her boyfriend loves it when she got off her bike and let him fuck her right when she walked in the door with him.

It seems this 18 year old Russian girl likes nothing more then a long bike ride, following by a cool down of intense fucking to bring her off a workout high!

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Darina wants to get into pictures, she told us she’d do anything to get featured on an American site; including showing off her pert 18 year old tits and playing for us in front of the camera. She was positively eager to strip her clothes off and get down to business. Her shaved pussy was wet and ready before her clothes completely hit the floor. This Russian girl was not going to let anything stop her, and our photographer almost had problems keeping up with the action as she started grabbing props and posing for the camera.

This barely-legal girl loved silk and gauze, and the pearls made her feel like a princess, or so she said. She also wanted another kind of pearl necklace, and that one we definitely caught on camera. Once Darina got rolling with her fingers in her slick and shaved Russian pussy she didn’t care about the rest of us, but she made darn sure that the camera was on her for the entire show.

When we were all done with her shoot, she let us know that she wanted to make sure that the pictures got to the hottest sites in America, and we assured her, that with her hot 18 year old Russian body she would just sizzle!

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Now this girl is just totally beautiful. It’s pictures like this that make me want to pack up my bags and head straight to Russia. I’m convinced that Russian teens are the best kept secret in the world.

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I’m not sure if this sexy Russian teen is playing doctor or nurse, but she sure as hell can take my temperature any time she wants!! If my doctor looked and dressed like this I would go for a check up three times a week.

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Russian teen Natasha Shy is always a little kinky and strange. She is on the sink playing with her pussy. She might be getting ready to shave her pussy so that it is completely bald. She usually keeps it fairly trimmed.

Anyhow, it’s looks like she is just having fun playing with her pussy. She has her clitoris between her fingers and I bet that feels good for her! But what Natasha Shy enjoys the most and what really gets her off is being an exhibitionist and showing off for the camera.

She might be shy in some circumstances but when you bring out a video camera she really enjoys being the center of attention. She is more than happy to let the camera guy get up close and personal so he can get close up shots of her bald teen pussy. This is a very good thing considering that she has her very own website.

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I probably post more pictures of Ivana Fukalot than I should, but I just NEVER get tired of this girl. She is my favorite Russian model and she has an AMAZING body.

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