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Russian Girls

These two cute and sexy teen models are Natasha Shy and Alice Wonderbang. They are both Russian teens that love to get kinky and a little freaky. Natasha and Alice have taken an interest in each other and they have started experimenting with kissing each other and a little teen lesbian play.

The teen model with the kinky brunette hair is Natashy Shy. The other Teen Model with blond hair is Alice Wonderbang. Both of these girls have little perky boobs and think model like bodies. They are skinny and cute.

Both teen models have their own personal websites. You can visit Natash’s site here and Alice’s site here. However, if you are like me and like to look a good assortment of different girls, then you should definately consider joining 18 Only Girls.

18 Only Girls
features many teen models just like Alice Wonderbang and Natash Shy. It is filled with girls who just turned 18 and want to get fully naked for the camera. 18 Only Girls is loaded top quality photos and videos of sexy Russian teens.

Russian Girls

Look at that spread open teen pussy – what a site!!! I could look at that bald pussy all day and never get tired. After you quite staring at this beautiful pussy you might also notice that we get a great view of her ass hole. This youthful beauty really has very nice bald teen pussy!!!

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Young Porn features teen models that are just over 18 years old. These girls are very youthfull and many if not most of them have bald pussies if not then their teen pussy is well shaved. Personally, there is nothing I love more than a well shaved teen model pussy!!!

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Russian Girls

The Ivana Fukalot fans here should be happy that I’m posting two pictures of her in a row. I’m posting this second picture so you can get a good look of Ivana Fuckalot from behind.

Ivana has a perfect little tight ass doen’t she? She is tall and skinny and has all the features of a teen model. Her boobs are small and perky and her stomach is totally flat.

Of all the Russian Teen Models, Ivana Fuckalot is probably my favorite – I’m sure she is many peoples favorite teen model.

When Ivana first started as a teen model she was always having sexy and fooling around so the other girls gave her the nick name “Ivana Fukalot”. Because the girls are from Russia they spelled “Ivana Fuckalot” the wrong way. Now you know how she got her name.

If you would like to see more of this skinny teen with small perky boobs then visit her personal site. The full length Ivana Fukalot videos are quite amazing. This Russian teen can really suck a cock!


Russian Girls

When I think of Italy I think of pasta and the mafia. When I think of France I think of the Louvre and Van Gogh. When I think of Russia, I think of teen porn and Ivan Fukalot. Ivan Fukalot set the standard for Russian teen porn. She was a trend setter that showed the world the the beauty of Russian girls.

Ivana was a kinky and horny teen model. She got the nick name “Ivana Fukalot” because she was always messing around with guys and other girls. Ivana really does like to FUCK A LOT. It was only fitting that she opened her very own web site Ivana Fuckalot.

Ivana Fukalot is a very sexy and sensual Russian teen. She does full hardcore and has many videos where she sucks off and fucks her boyfriends. She also messes around with a few other girls and every scene is video taped in high quality.

Whoever Ivana Fukalot got to do the photography for her site really does a very good job. These aren’t crappy pics. The nude pictures if Ivan Fuckalot are as professional quality. If you love HQ pics or Video, Ivana has you covered.

There are many good videos and pictures in Ivana Fuklot’s personal site that you won’t find anywhere else. If you love this skinny girls with perky little tits as much as I do, then visit her site and start downloading all her videos. You will love this Russian teen.

Russian Girls

WOW!!! Check out this amazing Russian girl!! If you are thinking that you hope this girl gets naked , well you have your wish – just click on the gallery. This Russian porn gallery is from the website Young Porn.

Young Porn is a great site that features many, many, sexy girls. Most of the girls are from Russia so you probably haven’t seen them before. One of my favorite things about young porn is that that I aways find girls that I’ve never seen before. All the content in the site is exclusive and you won’t find it at any other site.

When you have a look at this gallery your first thought will probably be similar to mine – “God Damn, perhaps I should move to Russia.” If all the girls look like this, living in Siberia would even be a good deal. I’m sure this Russian teen model could keep you very warm.

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Russian Girls

This beautiful Russian teen is from the website 18 Only Girls. The company that makes the site is Russian and all the girls in the site are from Russia. If you love Russian teens this site is perfect for you.

At 18 Only girls they don’t feature any older girls – it’s all girls that are really 18 (or look damn close to it). There is nothing I hate more than joining a teen site only to find a bunch of older worn out looking girls. You DON’T have to worry about that at this site, each girl is young and fresh!!!

The guys that run Only 18 Girls shoot all their content in Russia. I’m not sure if they do it because it’s easier to find a ton of beautiful 18 yearolds or if they just love Russian girls. I’m guessing it’s a bit of both. The Russian girls always seem very fit and thin, and they don’t seem to have the stuck up attitude of Western girls.

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Russian Girls

Natasha Shy may be shy when it comes to meeting new people or making new friends, but she is definitely NOT shy about showing off her teen pussy.

Natasha is a teen girl from Russia that started nude modeling when she turned 18. She was a little shy when she started so they gave her the nickname “Natasha Shy.”

The humorous thing is that Natasha turned out to be quite a sex freak. She claims to still be a virgin girl but she LOVES sex toys. She is always sticking something in her pussy. She must dream of cock, but she is waiting for just the right guy. Until the right time comes, she is happy just playing with her clit, sticking her fingers in her teen pussy, and getting off on toys.

What Natasha loves the most is being a show off. She loves the attention she gets from having her very own website. She likes the attention and she will do whatever it takes to get your attention!

In this gallery Natasha has a hairy teen pussy, but don’t be thinking that is the norm for her. This is the hairiest I have ever seen her pussy and it probably means that she will soon do a photo shoot in the bath where she saves her pussy! Pussy shaving videos are sexy as hell!

Natasha Shy is a kinky Russian Teen and you really should have a look at her videos and the pictures of her in her personal site. Visit Natasha now and download a few videos.

Russian Girls

I’ve been a big fan of Ivan Fukalot for a long time. She has to be my favorite Russian teen girl. She has been doing nude teen modeling for close to a year now.

When she first started she did a few shoots and then really got into it and started her very own website. I’ve literally seen thousand of pictures of this beautiful nude teen and I just never get tired of seeing her take her clothes off. I never get bored with Ivan Fuklot.

Sometimes Ivana will have a little hair on her teen pussy, that she keeps well trimmed, other times she shaves it completely bald. It’s cool checking out all the pictures in her site because you can see all the different ways she has had her pubic hair. She just recently shaved it all off and her pussy is now clean and bald, tight, and perfect.

Ivana Fukalot alos does quite a bit more than just nude teen modeling. She loves to fuck her boyfriend on video!! Yep, this Russian teen does full on hardcore and you can watch the entire thing.

Watching Ivana Fukalot have sex with her boyfriend is totally erotic because it’s not like normal staged porn that is done in a studio. The videos of Ivana fukalot are authentic and have a very fresh and amateurish feel. It’s just like her having real sex, not trying to put on some fake performance.

And if you like teen blow job videos, you will love Ivana Fukalot, because this Russian girl is one of the best dick sucker within 500 miles of Moscow. She really has her technique down and she loves to make videos where she gives blow jobs to a few lucky guys. It’s hot and sexy!

You can see more if this Russian teen and her hardcore videos at her private site Ivana Fukalot.

Russian Girls

This is new and amazing gallery from 18 Only Girls. This site is dedicated to girls that have just turned 18 and are from Russian. These teens from Russia are truly beautiful and very sensual. Many of the girls aspire to be teen models and they definitely have youthful good looks. They are tall and think with very skinny bodies.

I believe the Russian teen models featured in teen model gallery are Natasha Shy and Dasha. Both girls are from Russia and have been doing nude modeling since the day they turned 18.

The photographers that work for 18 Only Girls are very professional. The images are top quality and in very high resolution. You can tell that these guys know what they are doing – they know just how to capture these beautiful nude girls on film and make the most erotic and beautiful photos and videos.

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Russian Girls

Now this is what I call a good picnic – three Russian teen models take a blanked and head out to enjoy a little nature. After some preliminary silliness and goofing they all end up completely naked. What do you expect from three horny girls? It’s just what they do, but this time it’s different because we have pics and videos of the teen models as they get naked and make out with each other.

Can you imaging your fortune if you were walking the the woods and came upon this scene? It would be amazing. I keep going for long walks and around every turn I’m on the look out for a bunch of teen models completely naked. So far I’ve had no such luck. Perhaps this is more common with Russian girls and I’m going for walks on the wrong content.

One thing I am certain about is that if one sweet shaved pussy is nice, then two or three qualifies as nothing short of amazing. Especially if there is a lot of girl-girl action, kissing and licking, and fingers being inserted into warm tight holes.

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